General terms



The objective for the portal is to collect information that is useful for bicyclists. is a free advertising service for providers within the following categories:

  • Bicycle trips
  • Bicycle rental
  • Bicycle friendly accommodations
  • Bicycle literature
All information on will be in English only.


Providers in the defined categories are eligible for a free article on the portal.

The clients should maintain their article. All articles should include, but not limited to:

  • Description of the service provided by the client
  • Pricing information for the service offered by the client
  • Contact information:
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Phone
  • Email address
  • Client website (if available)
  • Metadata needed for the search engines

In addition, the client may upload a picture in .jpg or .png format and other value information. The maximum size of a picture to be uploaded is 1 Mb.

The free service is not open for providers with the major business offering sales of bicycles and bicycles gear. If the provider has a combined business, the published article must only cover their service in the defined categories.


A provider becomes a client when an article is approved.

By submitting an article to, the clients guarantee that the information given is accurate.

The clients automatically accept the Terms and Conditions when submitting an article to the portal.

The client must have the right to publish photos and other information that is copy protected.

The client must follow the publishing templates as provided.

The client must accept that Google ads or similar on the portal can be in competition with the service offered by the client.

The client must accept that other clients can offer the same service also within the same region.

The client can at any time terminate the service.

BYBIKE.TRAVEL OBLIGATIONS guarantee that the service is for free of charge to the client as long as the service is offered. will notify all clients if the service is being terminated. cannot guarantee any up-time for the service. If the service is unavailable, no compensation to the client is granted. has the right to evaluate and edit all articles and remove articles that no longer are accurate or not within the defined categories.

(Version Mar 26 2012)